Why Give

The Institute has been enjoying sizable financial support from the government and is better-off compared to other State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) or even with the other campuses within the Mindanao State University System. Nevertheless our budget is never enough. There is always a need for more funds to underwrite academic and other programs needed for the realization of our vision, mission and objectives.

Clearly, the Institute cannot continually rely only on government subsidy, we need to tap other fund sources such as our alumni and other stakeholders. Even the much bigger and more established universities in the world and in our country are doing this. They create endowment funds precisely for this purpose.

Harvard University, for one, has billions of dollars in its endowment fund coffers that have been generated over the years through solicitations and donations in support of the University’s numerous activities. The University of the Philippines, despite getting the lion’s share from state resources for higher education, has been raising endowment funds, too, through the same means to finance its many relevant programs and projects.